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Dawn L. Tyler, DDS

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When asked at a young age, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Dr. Tyler didn’t hesitate to answer “a dentist.”

She always loved her dental visits growing up and is on a mission to give children the same positive experience.

During her residency, she worked with young, old, healthy, medically compromised, and special needs patients. While Dr. Tyler gained a vast amount of experience in managing all types of problems, she was drawn to working exclusively with children and patients with unique needs.

She’s excited to help you and your child experience dentistry the way it should be – fun, educational, and convenient. Discover peace of mind at Magnolia Kid Friendly Dental.Learn more about Magnolia Kid Friendly Dental

Watch an interview about Dr. Tyler’s approach to children’s dentistry here.

Picture of Dr. Tyler wearing an yellow green sleeveless and a flower necklace
Picture of Dr. Tyler wearing an yellow green sleeveless and a flower necklace

Fun Facts about Dr. Tyler

Get to know your Mitchellville dentist.

Dr.Tyler is holding a sign with his left hand
A picture of a married Couple Dr. Dawn Tyler and her Husband.
  • What do you do outside of the office?

    I am one-fifth of the “Tyler 5.” Other members include my husband and our three kids. Our family enjoys traveling, stumbling upon new adventures (big and small), and watching sports.

    Some of my personal hobbies include reading, dancing, and swimming.

  • Who is your hero?

    My hero(es) are my parents. I admire how both of my parents have lived their lives. 

    Neither is perfect – no man or woman is. However, I appreciate the foundation and the values they held, which I know came from their own parents and grandparents. 

    They’re not famous celebrities; just everyday people who make better things happen for other people.

  • What was the best day of your life?

    April 1, 2006. That was the day my husband proposed to me. Several things made it the best day, not just the fact that he proposed. 

    He later told me he hadn’t planned to propose this day. He just happened to have the ring on his person, but because of the conversation among our group and someone probing about marriage, he just did it – much to the shock of all of us at the table. 

    Further, because it was April Fool’s Day and my hubby is such a joker with a wild sense of humor, everyone kept calling me to verify whether it was true.

    There is one more thing that made it the best day ever. That night, we came upon a fair as we were leaving dinner. We went to the fair and had a great time. It was a full circle moment, as our first time hanging out at length included a fair.

  • What is an interesting fact about yourself?

    My daughter and I published a book together on Amazon.

Approved by Parents & Kids

‘‘I love this dental office. My son is always excited to see the dentist. They make the visit fun and comfortable for him to get his teeth cleaned. Everyone is really nice, and they really care. I would recommend to all mothers and fathers to bring their children here!’’

- Kaya J.

Meet Our Team

We look forward to helping you and your family smile.

From the office to the local community, we love creating positive experiences for children and giving back when we can. 

Our goal is to promote happy, healthy smiles in a comfortable setting each and every time you visit Magnolia Kid Friendly Dental.

Let’s do dentistry the right way:

four ladies with kind smiles shirt  Dr Tyler with her team showing thumbs up
  • No scary language 

  • No rush or judgments

  • Comforting, calm atmosphere

  • Kid and parent education and tips

  • More services under one roof

  • Extra perks and surprises for kids

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