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Cavity Protection Tips for Kids

Cavity Protection Tips for Kids

cavity tips for kids

Let’s face it. It’s fairly easy and rather common for children to develop cavities due to the abundance of sugary foods and beverages in our society. When it comes to cavities, knowing how to prevent them can save time, money and pain in the dental chair. Thus, we’ve put together the ultimate list of tips to help your kids keep the cavities at bay!

1. Start good habits early by encouraging brushing, flossing and rinsing – twice daily!

2. Avoid sweet drinks such as soda, fruit juices and sports drinks. Swap them out for water instead – an easy way to cut back on their sugar intake.

3. Refrain from high sugar content foods such as sticky candy (taffy and caramel) and gummy snacks/vitamins. These treats can be tough to remove and can erode enamel, eventually causing cavities and tooth decay.

4. Limit starchy foods such as potato chips and crackers which can get stuck in small areas of tooth surfaces, ultimately leading to acid-eroding plaque in the mouth if proper brushing does not occur. Be careful of breads and pastas too, as these foods provide sugar to bacteria that feed on it and cause tooth decay.

5. Brush with a fluoride toothpaste for children age two and up. Bonus tip: don’t rinse, just spit! The excess fluoride will stay on their teeth, adding extra protection.

6. Detect cavities early by making routine visits to your child’s dentist. We recommend scheduling check-ups every six months!

Following these six tips can help your child maintain great overall oral health, in addition to preventing any unwanted cavities. For questions, please give our office a call @ Mitchellville Office Phone Number301-485-KIND!


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